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Literacy as defined by the VDOEEdit

Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), Office of Adult Eduation and Literacy (OAEL) released a five year strategic plan that defines literacy as the ability to read, write, speak English, compute, and solve problems.  VDOE further describes low literacy as lacking a high school credential, reading and writing below the 8th grade level, or possessing limited English proficiency skills.

  • "Literacy is not a single level of verbal skills; rather, it exists on a continuum from lower to higher abililty  As a result, the point at which one is "literate" or "illiterate" is open to interpretation" (OAEL, 2012).
  • American adults with low literacy are "limited to activities such as basic addition, signing their names, and reading and understanding short, simple documents" (OAEL, 2012).

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Underlying Cultural AssumptionsEdit

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