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Welcome to Adult Learning @ VCU wikiEdit

Welcome to Adult Learning @ VCU wiki home page. This wiki was created by VCU graduate students as a space for exploring a new way to capture and make permanent our social interactions as we tackle academic challenges in our lives.  Each of us brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the learning environment; this wiki is a medium for weaving that diverse, human resource into the formal learning process.  A social learning environment thrives on diversity and challenges us to work that much harder to find our voice.  (Editing is needed here).

To that end, we welcome all adult learning professionals to this discourse.  The adult learning wiki needs open-minded participants who are willing to take risks, share their ideas, and provide honest feedback to others. (Need content/editing here).

Please take time to create a profile page to introduce yourself to the adult learning wiki community.  Let us know your educational philosophy, your background, your goals. Read about other participants, create a page, write an article, and always pose questions!  The social inter-action on this wiki provides us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, discover hidden assumptions and biases, and take our praxis to a new level. (This area needs help).


Wiki Content LayoutEdit

Adult Learning @ VCU wiki content is laid out in four broad areas that reflects the academic program at VCU: (a) core studies area, (b) HRD, (c) technology and learning, and (d) adult literacy.  In the core studies area you will find articles and discussions relating to topics that concern all fields of adult learning.  The HRD area focuses on the topics of human resource developent, organizational learning, and change strategies.  The technology in learning area focues on technology uses in teaching and learning.  In the adult literacy area you will find content on adult basic education, adult literacy trends, teaching English to speakers of other languages, and the Online Adult Literacy Certification Program.  

Locate wiki content by clicking on the Content tab found in the upper navigation bar.  Return to this home page by clicking on the black and yellow Adult Learning @ VCU wordmark in the upper left corner of every page.  

Creating Wiki ContentEdit

We invite you to create content on this wiki.  This is the purpose and spirit of a wiki! (Expand and edit)

Before you can create wiki content you will need to create a account.  Create your account by clicking on the Create Account button found at the upper right of this page.  Once you have an account, you can further add to your user profile and find your personal, user blog on your profile page.   Don't forget to link your User page to the About page.  For more detailed instructions on this process click on the Community tab on the upper navigation bar.  


This area contains information about wiki participants and their personal blogs.

What is adult learning at VCU?

Our colleague, Carol, describes it best (expand here)

Adult Learning

Adult Learning

Carol describes her VCU Adult Learning experience.

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